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As-Built Management specializes in offering
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ABM has an expert team of engineers and CAD professionals to provide CAD drawings for clients in Chicago and across the country. We have experience in creating CAD drawings with AutoCAD, AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD MEP, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Solid Edge and Inventor. Types of CAD drawings we provide include:

• Equipment Layouts and Elevations
• P&IDs
• Panel Layouts and Schematics
• Shop Drawings
• 3D Piping

CAD Services services we provide include:

Field Services
Shop Drawings
Sketch to CAD
PDF to CAD Conversions

Our team of experienced CAD designers use 3D modeling software to help create new equipment layouts, pipe routing, electrical panels, and more for engineering projects.  All design work is done in-house for ABM engineering projects. 

3D Modeling

ABM creates 3D models for equipment, piping and ductwork. 3D modeling allows for clearer presentations to senior leadership and make the entire project easier to visualize. ABM can easily and quickly generate 3D models from 2D layouts and elevations. Our models also can be placed in point clouds for clash detection.

Equipment Layouts

ABM has decades of experience in equipment layout for process and packaging line for plants and factories. Our equipment layouts ensure proper fit prior to installation, allowing for material flow and analysis.

Electrical Panel Layouts and Schematics

ABM designs custom electrical panels to be manufactured by the vendor of our client’s choice. Our drawings are fabrication grade panels layouts and detailed schematics.

Field Services

As-Built Management’s team of engineers offer a full suite of CAD solutions for Field Services including, Walk Downs for P&IDs and Equipment Layouts, and As-Built creation.

P&ID Walkdowns

Do you have P&IDs? If so, are they correct? Our team of engineers will visit your location to walk down piping to create and update your P&IDs.

As-Built Creation

ABM will visit yoru site to create as-built drawings of site conditions along with equipment layouts, building layouts, warehouse layouts and piping layouts. Read more about the importance of As-Built drawings in our blog.


3D Scanning

3D scans from ABM quickly and accurately capture field conditions. Use the point cloud to create accurate 2D or 3D as-builts of the site. Learn more about our full suite of 3D scanning services

Shop Drawings

ABM shop drawings bridge the gap between what an engineer designs and what a fabricator needs to construct or fabricate the design. Shop drawings are much more detailed than an engineering print, detailing what needs to be built. While a shop drawing details how it should be built. Shop drawings are usually only required for prefabricated pieces, parts and assemblies. 

Fabrication Details

ABM shop drawings include but are not limited to weld details, cut lists, millwork details, assembly details and detailed bills of materials.


.dxf Export for CNC Machines

Let ABM layout cut patterns to maximize material usage. We are expert in working with plasma cutters, laser cutters, water jets and CNC mills.

CNC Ready 3D Models

ABM engineers create 3D models that can be imported into CNC software in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Sketch to CAD

With a range of 2D or 3D CAD programs, ABM can quickly turn your sketch into a usable and accurate CAD drawing. We can convert all aspects of your drawings including, elevations, section views, floor plans, electrical layouts, structural sheets and more.

Spatial Planning

ABM creates accurate spatial planning for factories and warehouses. Our engineers use CAD programs to create high-level planning.

Drawing for Fabrication

Turn sketches of an idea into a CAD drawing that can be used for fabrication or construction.

PDF to CAD Conversions

We know there are many free PDF to CAD conversion software options available. However, that software rarely produces a usable drawing. ABM has the expertise and know-how to provide you with professional PDF to CAD conversions in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can also convert old-hand drawn drawings into CAD drawings. Leave it to the pros!


Do you have a vendor that only provided you with .pdfs of equipment, the professionals at ABM can convert those into CAD for future projects or record sets.

Hand-Drawn to CAD

If your company has been operating for many years, you’re likely to have many old record drawings that were made by hand. Let ABM update these into a digital format for safe-keeping and use in later projects. We can convert either the entire drawing or just a portion.

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