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3D Scanning Services

ABM is a leading provider of 3D scanning services for the engineering, real estate, commercial and brick & mortar industries. Our 3D scanning professionals can scan virtually any building location to provide the most accurate measurements possible in a fraction of the time of physical measurements. Using point cloud technology and CAD, ABM can create precise 3D models and provide regular scans of changing environments such as buildings under construction or production facilities that manufacture a variety of products.

3D Scanning services we provide include:

Real Estate
Brick & Mortar

3D scans are used to capture as-built conditions, allowing for tracking of project progress tracking, accurate measurements to design to and historical preservation. 3D scanning from ABM drastically cuts time spent in the field.

Point Cloud Data Saves Time in the Field

Our 3D Scanning services allow professional engineers to safely obtain more accurate measurements than through traditional methods. Our 3D scanning team provides 3D walk-throughs, scans at various points of projects and point cloud data for limited field time.

Design with Point Cloud

Designing with a point cloud allows design to happen without first creating highly accurate as-builts, more accurate measurements, project stakeholders can visualize design before install and interference detection.

As-Built Capture & Creation

Create as-built drawings of facilities (2D or 3D) quickly and accurately. Scanning allows for quick field time, reducing the traditional measurement process by up to 75 percent. ABM 3D scans also allow for safe and accurate measurement of overhead items including piping, lights, conduit, HVAC ductwork and much more.

Historic Preservation

Accurately capture complex and irregular features of historic buildings with comprehensive 3D scans. These scans can be used to re-create building materials and parts for future preservation projects.


Real Estate

3D scans are revolutionizing the real estate industry. Commercial and Residential Real Estate professionals can rely on ABM to provide precise home measurements and images for marketing materials and “virtual tours.” ABM is an official Matterport Service Partner and 3D scans, floorplans and virtual tours from ABM help your listings get noticed in the marketplace and sell more homes faster.

3D Showcase

An ABM 3D Showcase is so much more than just a 3D model. It’s all-in-one property visualization, right in a web browser or virtual reality headset. 3D Showcases allows buyers to walk through any property, receiving a virtual open house. Studies show that listings featuring 3D Showcases attract more serious and committed buyers and separate those that may just be curious about a property.

Complete floor plans

New home buyers have come to depend on floor plans to visualize the space and plan for any future changes to their new home. Complete floor plans generated from 3D property scans are ideal of offline use, as well. ABM schematic floor plans add to a property’s marketing portfolio, creating a complete listing presentation. Complete listings help agents acquire new sellers, engage more buyers, and lead to more sales.

2D photos

ABM can easily convert 2-dimensional images from our 3D showcases. This eliminates the need and expense of hiring a separate photographer for your listings. Our photos are 4K HDR photos and are print and digital-ready for just about any marketing application.

Brick & Mortar

Want your customers to already be familiar with your business before they even arrive? Online 3D scans allow businesses to increase customer engagement with high-resolution photography, 3D tours, and virtual reality in a single hour-long shoot. No need to hire an additional photographer! Brick and mortar 3D scans are ideal for: restaurants, retail stores, museums, art galleries, hotels, apartments, vacation homes and much more.

Virtual tours and walk-throughs

3D Scanning can quickly and accurately provide “walk-throughs” and “virtual tours” for virtually any type of brick and mortar business. Give your clients an online 3D tour of your location before they even step foot inside your business.

Enhanced Google Street View

Brick & mortar 3D scans from ABM allows businesses to add even more content to valuable Google business listings. Customers can virtually visit a business before visiting in person. Visitors who have already toured your business online are more comfortable when they see it in person, and thus are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

360-degree photos

When your customers look for your business on Google, they will see the 360º imagery that our ABM photographer captured. Our 4K 134-megapixel photos can also be shared across social media channels, allowing you to engage customers right where they are most likely to find you.

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