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4 Reasons Sketching is Important

Sketching is an important part of the design process. Think of the design process as a funnel. The wide part of the funnel is the starting point and the narrow part of the funnel is…

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2_Drawing Markup Redline

How to Interpret Engineering Drawing Markups

Throughout the design, fabrication, and construction phases of an engineering project, drawings get marked up. These markups are often referred to as markups or redlines. Drawings will be marked up many times throughout the duration…

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What Are Shop Drawings and Why Are They Important

If you are involved in a building project, you have probably heard people talk about commissioning or consulting shop drawings. These useful diagrams play an essential role in the design and manufacture of quality components…

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How Enhanced Google Business Listings Can Improve Your Business

Have you claimed your business’ Google listing? If you haven’t yet, you should. Google is continually expanding the marketing and sales features of its Google My Business listings. If you’re unfamiliar with Google My Business,…

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