3D Scans for Commercial Property – How Realtors Can Benefit


3D scanning for real estate is taking the residential sales business by storm. It’s not a surprising trend when you consider that, according to the National Association of Realtors, 50 percent of home buyers found the home they wanted on the Internet.

3D scans make it even easier to shop for properties online. The technology allows a buyer to do a virtual walk-through of the space, seeing exactly how it’s laid out and how it looks from almost every angle.

It’s a great experience for the relocating buyer as well as the in-town buyer. Relocators can have the feeling of walking through many more homes than they’d be able to see on a visit, while in-town buyers can shop more efficiently and not lose hours or days walking through homes that they won’t end up choosing.

You can easily see why residential buyers would love 3D scans. But what about commercial buyers?

Selling the Commercial Property 

According to a recent joint study sponsored by LoopNet and Google, 80 percent of tenants and investors surveyed used the Internet for real estate searches more often than they did three years prior. Nearly 60 percent began searching for a new property on the Internet and 78 percent used some kind of Internet tool during the search process. Since 2008, commercial searches online have grown 60 percent.

More than half of those surveyed had purchased a property that they initially found online.

Even when working with a broker, 55 percent of commercial real estate shoppers go online as well. The most common reason? To “make sure nothing was missed.”

The Benefits of Commercial Property 3D Scans

It’s hard to miss anything with 3D scans of buildings. They give accurate measurements and realistic representations of interiors, down to the most precise details. Tenants and investors can view the layout or take virtual tours, seeing every room from every angle. And that puts your property at a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market.

Stand out from the pack

Because it’s so easy to get property listings “out there” on the Internet, real estate investors have plenty of properties to choose from. And the ones that catch buyers’ interests are the ones that capture the eye and the imagination.

Impress them

Pictures are great and you should definitely have them, but they’re not enough anymore. Almost everyone has online listings with pictures.

It’s like a college education. Once upon a time, a high school diploma was expected and a college degree meant that you really knew something. But now, thanks to “degree inflation,” a college degree is the standard and a master’s degree indicates … well, mastery.

High-quality photos are like a bachelor’s degree. Before everyone had them, they really did make your post stand out, but now they’re the minimum standard. Commercial real estate 3D scanning is what makes you stand out as in-touch with today’s buyer.

Excite them

As any real estate professional knows, impressing the buyer is just the beginning. If you can’t make them feel a pull toward the property, they’ll move on. A buyer needs to be able to tell himself or herself a story, whether it centers on their own people on the property or impressing tenants looking for a great space.

3D scans of buildings help you to show buyers that story. A buyer can walk down the hallway and see how a visiting client would perceive the area. They can look at views from the executive offices. They can even view a manufacturing floor and see if its configuration – or potential configuration – would be a good fit for the kind of products that they create.

It’s a visual and a visceral connection that will help them bond with your property before they’ve even seen it in person.

Reach out-of-town buyers 

If you’re selling commercial property, you want your portfolio to have as broad a reach as possible. A buyer might not even be thinking about taking on a property in your area, and photos won’t be enough to make yours capture someone’s attention. Neither will regular video, which doesn’t provide enough detail for the viewer to get a feel for the property.

Commercial property 3D scans are different. No matter where buyers are located, 3D scanning technology can allow them to explore a property just as though they were standing inside of it.

Scanning technology can create this experience from far away, freeing the client from having to make a visit, they might just consider your location just so they can get that particular property.

Reaching the foreign market  

US commercial real estate is a highly sought-after target for foreign investors. In fact, between 2010 and 2018, foreign institutional investors purchased more than $365 billion in property. That’s a big pie, but your properties have to stand out if you want a piece of it.

Commercial real estate 3D scanning lets you show your property to these investors in much more detail than they would be able to get from other sources.

Finalize sales faster

3D scans help you to answer your prospects’ questions without bringing them on-site. They can gather all of the information that they need to make a decision, and in doing so, they can help you to close the deal faster.

Do Commercial Property 3D Scans Boost Sales?

Absolutely. According to virtual tour technology manufacturer Matterport:

  • Properties with virtual tours get 49 percent more qualified leads
  • Virtual tours lead to 95 percent more phone inquiries and 65 percent more email inquiries
  • Profiles with virtual tours get 40 percent more clicks

How Does It Work?

Commercial real estate 3D scanning integrates easily into a brokerage’s existing systems. By embedding 3D scans of buildings into your websites and listing sites, you can introduce your prospects to the immersive experience of virtual touring without requesting anything else of them.

The Takeaways

Commercial property 3D scans help you to gain an edge in today’s commercial real estate market. By virtually bringing the property to buyers, you can captivate their imagination in new ways and assist you in moving more properties faster.

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